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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Wonderful News from UCI Regarding their use of my Charitable Gifts

From: "graham arader" <grahamarader@gmail.com>
Date: Apr 21, 2017 7:01 PM
Subject: Re: FW: Monthly Message from Chancellor Howard Gillman
To: "Nicole Balsamo"
Cc: "Georges Van Den Abbeele"


I love this Nicole.

Thank you for sharing with me.

It means so much to me that my gifts are being so well used.


On Apr 21, 2017 5:49 PM, "Nicole Balsamo" wrote:
Hi Graham,

I knew you’d appreciate seeing our story on all of the art donations you’ve facilitated for UCI was included in the Chancellor’s Monthly Message. See below.

Hope all is well!


Nicole Balsamo
Executive Director of Advancement
School of Humanities

University of California, Irvine
University of California, Irvine
4100 Humanities Gateway
Irvine, CA 92697

From: Howard Gillman - Chancellor
Sent: Wednesday, April 19, 2017 10:08 AM
To: All Employees on the UCI Campus, All Medical Center Employees including All SOM, All UCI Students
Subject: Monthly Message from Chancellor Howard Gillman

Monthly Message from
Chancellor Howard Gillman

April 2017

To the Anteater community:

Spring quarter is in full swing at UCI. It’s a season that brings new life and energy to our campus as graduating seniors eagerly count down the weeks until commencement. But as the class of 2017 looks away from campus, high school seniors and transfer students from across the state (and around the world) look toward UCI as a beacon of exciting new possibilities and an opportunity for success. Newly admitted undergraduates have been sharing their unbridled joy at getting into their top-choice school on social media, and we can’t wait to welcome them to campus this weekend at Celebrate UCI, our annual open house.
For many incoming Anteaters, attending a university will be a family first. In fact, more than half of our current undergraduates are first-generation college students. Recently, UCI was named No. 2 nationally on Times Higher Education’s list of “Golden Age” universities and, reaffirming the incredible power of a college education to change lives, one of the top universities in the nation for propelling students into the middle class by The New York Times. We are honored to be recognized as an engine of social mobility and strive to help all of our students attain their goals.
Newkirk Center named home of National Registry of Exonerations
Recently, UCI’s Newkirk Center for Science & Society was named the primary home of the National Registry of Exonerations, a joint project of our campus, the University of Michigan Law School and the Michigan State University College of Law. The internationally lauded registry is sourced entirely through public information and features data and analyses on every known exoneration of innocent defendants convicted of crimes in the U.S. since 1989. The registry plays a dynamic role in research and teaching across multiple disciplines, including literary journalism, law and criminology. We are proud to be entrusted with this important repository of information that will enrich the work done by our students and faculty to change and improve the justice system. You can watch a recording of the welcome celebration, featuring stories from wrongfully convicted individuals and academic experts, here.
A solution to snake bites
UCI researchers are the epitome of problem-solvers. When faced with a challenge, our brilliant faculty deliver innovative solutions to make a difference. Recently, UCI chemists in Professor Ken Shea’s research group developed an anti-venom to treat the effects of potentially fatal snake bites. They synthesized a material that binds to key protein toxins common to a wide variety of serpents, preventing venom from attacking red blood cells by sequestering the toxins on the surface of nanoparticles. Existing snake bite treatments can cost up to $100,000 and only work on venom from a small number of species. The UCI antidote is far more affordable, works on venom from a greater number of species and doesn’t require refrigeration – important factors considering that the majority of deadly snake bites occur in poor, rural parts of India and sub-Saharan Africa. The initial research, published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society, was supported by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, the National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health. Next steps for the team involve funding for clinical trials and product development.
Match Day
One of the great traditions in the School of Medicine is the annual Match Day ceremony in which graduating medical students learn where they’ll serve their residencies. Last month, 97 UCI students participated in the event, including engaged couple Krystal Jimenez and Miguel Alvarez-Estrada. The pair – enrolled in UCI’s Program in Medical Education for the Latino Community, a joint, five-year master’s-M.D. program designed to increase the number of culturally sensitive physicians who are linguistically prepared to serve diverse populations in the state – will begin their residencies July 1 at Scripps Mercy Hospital in Chula Vista. In all, more than two-thirds of the graduating class will fulfill their residencies in California, including 15 at UCI. You can watch a video of the emotional, heartwarming ceremony on our YouTube channel.
Student achievement
Recently, four outstanding undergraduates from the Francisco J. Ayala School of Biological Sciences were recognized for their research presentations at the American Association for the Advancement of Sciences’ 2017 annual meeting: Betsy Juarez, winner in developmental biology, physiology & immunology; Nicholas Ramirez, honorable mention recipient in environment & ecology; Michelle Kalu, honorable mention recipient in medicine & public health; and Marlen Tagle Rodriguez, honorable mention recipient in technology, engineering & math. The students are part of the Ayala School’s Minority Science Programs, which provide underrepresented undergraduates with opportunities to conduct research funded by the National Institutes of Health and encourage the pursuit of biomedical careers.
UCI also is celebrating the success of 27 Anteaters awarded prestigious National Science Foundation graduate research fellowships. Each will receive an annual stipend of $34,000 and a cost-of-education allowance of $12,000. UCI has recipients in the School of Physical Sciences, the Donald Bren School of Information & Computer Sciences, the School of Education, the Francisco J. Ayala School of Biological Sciences, the Henry Samueli School of Engineering, the School of Social Sciences and the School of Social Ecology. Fellows were selected from 13,000 applicants. Congratulations to our talented students!
Art donated to School of Humanities
Across campus, you’ll find beautiful pieces of fine art on display in nearly every building, but perhaps none are quite as unique as those found in the School of Humanities. Over the past two years, the school has received $4.7 million in historical maps, botanical illustrations, watercolors and prints from such cartographers, scientists and artists as Daniel Giraud Elliot, Gerardus Mercator, Abraham Ortelius, John Ogilby, Pierre-Joseph Redoute and Albert Bierstadt. Works include depictions of birds by John Cassin; a Lewis & Clark diagram of the western U.S.; and Joan Blaeu’s engraving of Amsterdam from Atlas Maior, an important 17th-century collection of maps. Professors in history, comparative literature and art history have incorporated some of the artwork into undergraduate classes. Dean Georges Van Den Abbeele says that it has been an exceptional tool for showing his students how past representations of the world have shaped current perceptions.
Financial literacy
In recognition of National Financial Literacy Month, I want to take a moment to share some of UCI’s efforts to ensure that students are well-informed and prepared to handle their finances. One example is the LIFEvest program in the Paul Merage School of Business, which provides free money management education to underserved high schoolers during the summer. Launched in 2011, LIFEvest has reached more than 200 teenagers from local school districts, teaching them how to prepare for college costs and how to set and achieve personal goals. Recently, it received $10,000 from Pacific Life Foundation as well as a separate endowment from Pamela Adams, MBA ’98 for student scholarships.
A number of UCI faculty are experts on finance, money and the economy. In the School of Social Sciences, the Institute for Money, Technology & Financial Inclusion partners with individuals around the world to study everyday uses of currency and the role technology plays in transactions, particularly among poor populations. Since the institute’s founding in 2008, researchers have conducted more than 140 projects in 47 countries. You can learn more about the IMTF’s work and that of several faculty members here.
Giving Day update
Last week, the UCI community came together to support our campus’s mission of teaching, research and public service. I am pleased to share that on our first-ever Giving Day, more than 1,800 Anteaters raised over $1.4 million for scholarships, groundbreaking research, medical services, academic and outreach programming, and more.
One major highlight of Giving Day was a $1 million gift from the estate of Christian Werner, UCI professor emeritus and former dean of the School of Social Sciences, to strengthen graduate student research and scholarship within the school. The funds will establish an endowment for graduate fellowships that will be awarded in the fall.
To all who donated to our cause, thank you. Together, we showed the world that when you rally behind a common goal, you can accomplish tremendous things. UCI is the fantastic institution it is today because of the goodwill of the entire Anteater community.

Gift of $22,000 to the Turtle Conservancy in New York

Thank You
Dear Graham Arader,
Thank you for your generous contribution of $22,000.00, made on April 25, 2017 for the Turtle Ball Art Auction.
Thank You,
Turtle Conservancy

Turtle Conservancy • EIN: 20-2899240 • 49 Bleecker Street, Suite 601, New York, NY 10012, United States

$20,000 Gift to Street Squash in Support of their Programs

StreetSquash’s mission is to provide consistent, long-term and reliable support to the children, families and schools in Harlem. By exposing these children to a broad range of experiences and by maintaining the highest standards, StreetSquash aims to help each child realize their academic and personal potential.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Arader Galleries Prices Realized for the Spring Auction, March 25th, 2017

Dear Friends,

We are delighted to announce that our Spring Auction was a resounding success. Held on the afternoon of Saturday March 25th, the auction featured 264 works by artists and cartographers from the 16th through the 20th centuries. The sale achieved an impressive total of $1,236,957. 

A lecture comparing and contrasting John James Audubon and Mark Catesby was given to an enthusiastic audience at Arader Galleries, at our 1016 Madison Avenue location in NYC on Friday evening before the auction. It presented a detailed analysis of the two artists and their trials and tribulations in creating their great works. There were three copies of Mark Catesby's Natural History of Carolina, Florida and the Bahamas available for the audience for have a first hand viewing of the differences between the coloring of each edition, including a rare first edition which sold the next day for $305,000.

The auction highlights included works from John James Audubon's Birds of America, with Lot 5 the Great Auk selling for $19,520, Lot 16 the Ruffed Grous selling for $30,500, and Lot 17 the Mocking Bird selling for $20,740. The stars of Audubon's Quadruped section were two Great American Cats, the Jaguar and the Ocelot, which sold for $9,760 and $11,250 respectively.

Next was a grouping of natural history works on paper which included two beautiful Redoute watercolors, Lot 98 the Doubtful Narcissus and Lot 100, the Roman Bellevalia, which sold for $9,150 each. Four stunning watercolors of birds by Louis Agassiz Fuertes sold, with prices varying from $3,355 to $5,795. 

The auction featured a collection of top notch ornithological color-plate books that garnered a spirited round of bidding both in the room, online, and on the phones. John Gould's Birds of Asia, Lot 128, sold for $112,500; Lot 129, the Bird's of Europe, sold for $79,300 and Lot 131, the Monograph of the Trogonidae, sold for $18,300 among many others. 

Other notable highlights include a superb example of Jefferson and Fry's first edition, first state map of Virginia, Lot 193, which sold for $250,100 and Charles P. Varle's first edition map of Philadelphia which sold for $12,200.

Arader Galleries' next auction will be on June 3rd and will include a vast selection of works on paper from the 16th to 19th centuries including natural history engravings & watercolors, maps, views and rare books. 


Graham Arader

Lot # Artist Title   Price Realized  
1 John James Audubon Cock of the Plains, Plate 371  $     5,795
2 John James Audubon Western Duck, Plate 429  $        488
3 John James Audubon Large Billed Puffin, Plate 293  $     1,159
4 John James Audubon Tufted Auk, Plate 249  $        915
5 John James Audubon Great Auk, Plate 341  $   19,520
6 John James Audubon Black-Billed Cuckoo, Plate 32  Pass 
7 John James Audubon Hooded Merganser, Plate 232  $     4,270
8 John James Audubon Great Esquimaux Curlew, Plate 237  $    1,464
9 John James Audubon Ruddy Plover, Plate 230  $    1,375
10 John James Audubon Purple Grackle, Plate 7  $   3,965
11 John James Audubon Boat-Tailed Grackle, Plate 187  $     2,440
12 John James Audubon Chuck Will's Widow, Plate 52  Pass 
13 John James Audubon Red Headed Woodpecker, Plate 27  Pass 
14 John James Audubon Labrador Falcon, Plate 196  $   3,050
15 John James Audubon Mountain Mockingbird, Plate 369  Pass 
16 John James Audubon Ruffed Grous, Plate 41  $    30,500
17 John James Audubon Mockingbird, Plate 21  $   20,740
18 John James Audubon Baltimore Oriole, Plate 12  Pass 
20 John James Audubon Loggerhead Shrike, Plate 57  $ 1,625
21 John James Audubon Bay Winged Bunting, Plate 94  Pass 
22 John James Audubon Frigate Pelican, Plate 271  $  12,200
24 John James Audubon Mink, Plate 33  Pass 
25 John James Audubon Black-Tailed Hare, Plate 65  Pass 
26 John James Audubon Jaguar, Plate 101  $   9,760
27 John James Audubon Ocelot, Plate 86  $ 11,250
28 John James Audubon Grizzly Bear, Plate 131  Pass 
29 John James Audubon Wolverine, Plate 26  $  4,270
30 John James Audubon Say's Squirrel, Plate 89  $      875
31 John James Audubon Black American Wolf, Plate 67  $   1,875
32 John James Audubon Canada Pouched Rat, Plate 44  $    61
33 John James Audubon White-Footed Mouse, Plate 40  $   188
34 John James Audubon Wilson's Meadow Mouse, Plate 45  $ 63
35 John James Audubon Missouri Mouse, Plate 100   $  73
36 John James Audubon Carolina Shrew, Plate 75  Pass 
37 John James Audubon Annulated Marmot Squirrel, Plate 79  $     88
38 John James Audubon Leconte's Pine Mouse, Plate 80  Pass 
39 John James Audubon Richardson's Spermophile, Plate 50  $    61
40 John James Audubon Rocky Mountain Neotoma, Plate 29  $    94
41 John James Audubon Townsend's Ground Squirrel, Plate 20  $    125
42 John James Audubon Leopard Spermophile, Plate 39  $    125
43 John James Audubon Musk-Rat, Musquash, Plate 13  $     156
44 John James Audubon Columbia Pouched Rat, Plate 105  $    92
45 John James Audubon Perry's Marmot Squirrel, Plate 9  $    92
46 John James Audubon Common American Shrew Mole, Plate 10  $    63
47 John James Audubon Douglasses Spermophile, Plate 49  $      94
48 John James Audubon Orange-Colored Mouse, Plate 95  $     63
49 John James Audubon Jumping Mouse, Plate 85  Pass 
50 John James Audubon Franklin's Marmot Squirrel, Plate 84  $   125
51 John James Audubon Brewer's Shrew Mole, Plate 74  $     61
52 John James Audubon Say's Least Shrew, Plate 70  $   63
53 John James Audubon Common Star-Nosed Mole, Plate 69  $    61
54 John James Audubon Townsend's Shrew Mole, Plate 145  $    92
55 John James Audubon Townsend's Arvicola, Sharp-Nosed Arvicola, Bank Rat, Plate 144  $    61
56 John James Audubon American Souslik, Oregon Meadow Mouse, Texan Meadow Mouse, Plate 147  $    63
57 John James Audubon Northern Meadow Mouse, Plate 124  $   61
58 John James Audubon Pouched Jerboa Mouse, Plate 130  Pass 
59 John James Audubon Richard's Meadow Mouse, Plate 135  $   63
60 John James Audubon Long-Tailed Spermophile, Plate 139  $   125
61 John James Audubon Little Nimble Weasel, Plate 140  $    344
62 John James Audubon Camas Rat, Plate 142  $      61
63 John James Audubon Southern Pouched Rat, Dekay's Shrew, Long-Nosed Shrew, Silvery Shrew Mole, Plate 150  $      61
64 John James Audubon Californian Marmot Squirrel, Plate 109  $      63
65 John James Audubon Mole-Shaped Pouched Rat, Plate 110  $     61
66 John James Audubon Say's Marmot Squirrel, Plate 114  $    94
67 John James Audubon Yellow-Cheeked Meadow Mouse, Plate 115  $     61
68 John James Audubon Tawny Lemming, Back's Lemming, Plate 120  Pass 
69 John James Audubon Hudson's Bay Lemming, Plate 119  $    61
70 John James Audubon The Sewellel, Plate 123  $   125
71 John James Audubon American Marsh Shrew, Plate 125  $    61
72 John James Audubon Mexican Marmot Squirrel, Plate 124 (129)  Pass 
73 John James Audubon Lewis' Marmot, Plate 107  $   61
74 John James Audubon Cat Squirrel, Plate 17  $   183
75 John James Audubon Collie's Squirrel, Plate 104  $    92
76  Company School (c.1820) Botanical Study  $   3,660
77  Company School (c.1820) Botanical Study  $   2,440
78  Company School (c.1820) Botanical Study, Giant Indian Milkweed  $   2,440
79  Company School (c.1820) Study of Insects  Pass 
80  Attributed to Thomas Daniell View from Lucknow and of sites along rivers near Faizabad  $  3,660
81  Attributed to Thomas Daniell View from Lucknow and of sites along rivers near Faizabad  Pass 
82  Attributed to Thomas Daniell View from Lucknow and of sites along rivers near Faizabad  $  3,660
83  Attributed to Thomas Daniell View from Lucknow and of sites along rivers near Faizabad  $  4,270
84  Indian and British Artists (c.1820) Sketch Study of Palms  Pass 
85  Indian and British Artists (c.1820) Camel  Pass 
86 Cantonese Artist, c.1805 Two Butterflies on Dahlia Flower  Pass 
87 Cantonese Artist, c.1805 Two Butterflies on Stem of Lilac  $   1,342
88 Cantonese Artist, c.1805 Apricot Flower  $ 1,464
89 Cantonese Artist, c.1805 Passion Flower  $  1,220
90 Cantonese Artist, c.1805 Yellow Peony  $   1,464
91 Cantonese Artist, c.1805 White Jasmine  $   1,342
92 George Brookshaw Group of 5 Apples, Plate 92  $    2,196
93 George Brookshaw The Reply Pine, Plate 41  $    1,952
94 Pierre Joseph Redoute Lilium Philadelphicum, Pl. 10  $    366
95 Pierre Joseph Redoute Methonica Superba, Pl. 20  $    397
96 Pierre Joseph Redoute Rosa, Multiflora Platyphylla  $     244
97 Pierre Joseph Redoute Rosa Pomponia  $    244
98 Pierre Joseph Redoute Doubtful Narcissus (Narcissus Dubious), Study for Plate 429  $    9,150
99 Pierre Joseph Redoute Thrumwort, Star Fruit (Alisma Damasonium), Study for Plate 289  Pass 
100 Pierre Joseph Redoute Roman Bellevalia (Hyacinthus Romanus), Study for Plate 334  $   9,150
101 Pierre Joseph Redoute Mountain Garlic (Allium Lisitanicum), Study for Plate 271  Pass 
102 Pierre Joseph Redoute Iris Pavonia (Vieusseuxia Glaucopis), Study for Plate 42  $   6,100
103 Basil Besler Acorus cum suo iulo…  $  1,220
104 Basil Besler Caryophyllus Maior Sylve Strisvarie Gatus…  $  1,220
105 Basil Besler Matricaria flore simplici...   Pass 
106 Basil Besler Onobrychis Belgarum…  $  2,440
107 Basil Besler Spatula Foctita…  $     793
108 Joseph Wolf Felis Euptilura  $     344
109 Joseph Wolf Felis Marmorata  $     750
110 Joseph Wolf Felis Lynx  $     469
111 Jacques Barraband La Ara Macavouanne, Pl. 7  $     188
112 Jacques Barraband La Perruche Ara, a gorge veriee, Pl, 16  Pass 
113 Jacques Barraband La Perruche Ara, a bandeau rouge, Pl. 17  Pass 
114 Jacques Barraband Perruche a Chaperon Bleu, Pl. 54  $   188
115 Louis Agassiz Fuertes Study of a Bird: Bobolink  Pass 
116 Louis Agassiz Fuertes Study of a Bird: Song Sparrow  $  5,185
117 Louis Agassiz Fuertes Study of a Bird: Roufus-Sided Towhee  $  3,355
118 Louis Agassiz Fuertes Study of a Bird: Yellow-Shafted Flicker  Pass 
119 Louis Agassiz Fuertes Study of a Bird: Starling in Winter Plumage  $   3,965
120 Louis Agassiz Fuertes Study of a Bird: Chipping Sparrow  $   5,795
121  Rosemary Low & Elizabeth Butterworth Amazon Parrots  $    519
122 Gregory M. Mathews The Birds of Norfolk and the Lord Howe Islands  $  3,050
123  H. Schlegel (1804-1884) & G.F Westermann De Toerako’s afgebeeld en beschreven  $   5,185
124  Walter Rothschild Extinct Birds  $   8,125
125  Henry Seebohm & R. B. Sharpe A Monograph of the Turdidae, or Family of Thrushes  $   4,392
126 Philip L. Sclater  & Osbert Salvin  Exotic Ornithology containing Figures and Descriptions of New or Rare Species of American Birds  $  9,150
127 Henry E. Dresser & J. G Keulemans  A History of the Birds of Europe  $ 12,200
128 John Gould Birds of Asia  $ 112,500
129 John Gould Birds of Europe  $  79,300
130 John Gould A Monograph of the Odontophorinae or Partridges of America  $   8,906
131  John Gould A Monograph of the Trogonidae, or Family of Trogons  $  18,300
133 Mark Catesby The Natural History of Carolina, Florida and the Bahama Islands  $  305,000
134  Robert Dudley Dell'arcano del mare [Books 1-4]  $   67,100
135 Claudius Ptolemaeus Geografia cioe Descrittione Universale della terra  Pass 
136 Athanasius Kircher China monumentis  $   4,375
137 Nicholas Sanson D'Abbeville Cartes Generales de Toutes les Parties du Monde  $  20,740
138 Joseph Hutchins Colton Colton's New Township Map of the Eastern Counties of Pennsylvania  Pass 
139  Rand, McNally, & Co. Rand, McNally & Co.'s Indexed Map of the Province of Quebec  Pass 
140 Charles Walker Morse Morse's Map of Illinois  $  732
141 Samuel Augustus Mitchell  A New Map of Texas, Oregon, and California, with the Regions Adjoining  Pass 
142 Joseph Hutchins Colton Map of the United States the British Provinces Mexico…  $ 6,405
143  Johann Elert Bode Vorstellung der Gestirne auf XXXIV Kupfertafeln nach der Pariser Ausgabe des Flamsteadschen Himmelsatlas  Pass 
144 Johann Bayer Sirius  $     625
145 Andreas Cellarius Coelistelli christiani misphae reiumerius, Pl. 22  $  1,830
146 Martin Waldseemuller Tabula Moderna Gallie  $  1,250
147 After Christopher Saxton Dorcestriae Comitatis Vulgo Dorsett…  Pass 
148 Christopher Saxton Eboracensis Comitatus (Cuius Incolae Olim Brigantes Appellabantur)  $  6,250
149  Frederick De Wit Nova Orbis Tabula in Lucem Edita…  $  2,440
150 Nicholas Visscher Moscoviae Pars Australis  Pass 
151 Abraham Ortelius Europae  Pass 
152 Guillaume Sanson Mappe-Monde Geo-Hydrographique…  Pass 
153 Tobias Conrad Lotter Carte Geographique representant la Mer Mediterranee...  Pass 
154 Petrus Bertius Delineatio Spitsbergiae  $  188
155 Pierre Duval Les XVII Provinces  Pass 
156 Pierre Duval Le Cours du Rhine…  $  94
157 Hermann Julius Meyer Die Russischen Ost-See-Provinzen Livland Ehstland und Kurland  $  63
158 Giacomo Gastaldi Tavola Nuova della marca Trivigiana  Pass 
159  Guillaume De L'Isle Retraite de dix mille  Pass 
160  Pierre Duval Rei romanae tabula geographica ex C.I. Caesaris commentarijs de bello civili  Pass 
161 Nicolas Sanson Jesu Christi Salvatoris Nostri  Pass 
162 Heinrich Bunting Taffel der Lander Darin der Apostel Paulus Geprediget  $  375
163 Jean Covens & Cornelis Mortier Romani Imperii Qua Occidens Est. Descriptio Geographica…  $  125
164 Abraham Ortelius Aegypti Re Centior De Scriptio...   $  214
165 Joan Blaeu Illyricum Hodiernum Quod Scriptores…  $  610
166  John Speed Asia  Pass 
167 Nicholas Visscher  Four Views: Isfahan, Osacco, Kuching, Untitled.  Pass 
168 Robert Dudley Asia Carta di Ciasete Piu Moderna  $ 4,880
169 Pieter Van der Aa Iedo, Capitale du Japan  Pass 
170  Abraham Ortelius Asiae Nova Descriptio (Latin)  Pass 
171 Abraham Ortelius Asiae Nova Descriptio (Spanish)  Pass 
172 Martin Waldseemuller  Tabula Prima Asie  Pass 
173 Sebastian Munster Tabula orientalis regionis…  $ 1,830
174 QIANLONG, Emperor of China & Isidore Stanislas Helman Suite des seize estampes representant les Conquetes de l’empereur de la Chine, avec leur explication  Pass 
175 Isaac Tirion Nieuwe Kaart van de Filippynsche, Ladrones, Moluccos of Specery Eilanden…  Pass 
176 Unknown Group Lot of Chinese Compasses  $ 580
177 Abraham Ortelius Persici sive Sophorum Regni Typus  Pass 
178 Guillaume De L'Isle Carte du la Turquie de l'Arabie et du la Perse…  $ 375
179  J. Nicolas Bellin Carte de la Coste D'Arabie, Mer Rouge, et Golfe de Perse  Pass 
180 Guillaume De L'Isle Theatrum historicum ad annum Christi quadringentesimi in quo tu Imperii Romani tu Barbarorum…  Pass 
181 Willem Blaeu Tabula Islandiae Auctore Georgio Carolo Flandro  $ 1,037
182 Nicholas Visscher Insulae Americanin Oceano Septentrionali  $  3,355
183 Robert Dudley Carta Particularae Dello Istreto E Mare Iscoperto Da Hen Hudson Ingilese Nell 1611  $ 4,270
184 Calvin J. Smith New Map for Travellers through the United States of Ameirca  $ 3,660
185 Matteus Seutter Plan Von Neu Ebenezer...[with] Part of Carolina  Pass 
187  Charles P. Varle To the Citizens of Philadelphia this Plan of the City and its Environs...   $ 12,200
188 H.S. Tanner A Map of the United States of America  $ 6,100
189 William James Bennett Mobile, taken from the marsh opposite the city near Pinto's Residence  Pass 
190 Robert Dodd A View of his Majesty's Brigg Observer, commanded by Lieut. John Crymes...engaging the American privateer ship Jack, John Ropes Commander...   Pass 
191 William Pierie & James Newton View of Boston taken on the road to Dorchester  Pass 
192 After William Birch The City of New York, in the State of New York, North America  Pass 
193 Joshua Fry & Peter Jefferson A Map of the Inhabited Part of Virginia  $ 250,100
194 Pierre Mortier Carte Particuliere de Virginie, Maryland, Pennsilvanie, La Nouvelle Jarsey, Orient et Occidentale  $  6,100
195  Carl Allard Recentissuma Novi Orbis Sive Americae Septentrionale et Meridionalis  Pass 
196 Cornelius Wytfliet Florida et Apalche  Pass 
197 Justinus Danckerts Novi Orbis  Pass 
198 Henricus Hondius Fretimagel Lanici ac novi Freti vulgo Le Maire exactissima delinaetio  Pass 
199  Willem Janszoon Blaeu Chili  Pass 
200  American Sea Captain of the Early 19th Century Manuscript chart of "Isla de los Estados" or "Staten Island" (Tierra del Fuego)  Pass 
201  Joan Blaeu Maritima Brasiliae Universa  $ 2,125
202 Mitchell South America  Pass 
203 Janvier Sr. L'Amerique divisée en ses principaux Etats…  $  500
204  Frederick De Wit Terra Nova…  Pass 
205 Guillaume De L'Isle Tabula Geographica Mexicae et Floridae  Pass 
206 Herman Moll The Island of Bermudos…  $ 750
207 U.S. General Land Office State of Alabama  $ 183
208  Julius Bien & Co. Southern Cattle Fever  Pass 
209 Thomas Cowperthwait & Co. Map of Texas from the most recent authorities  $ 1,037
210 George F. Cram Railroad and Country Map of Texas  Pass 
211  Alexander Emile Lapie Carte de Etas-Unis de Mexique  $ 458
212 Ensign & Bridgman Map of the United States, Canada, Mexico and the West Indies with Central America…  Pass 
213  Pierre Duval Mexico sive N. Hispania  $ 375
214 John Hancock Document Signed ("John Hancock")  $ 2,125
215 Sam Houston State of Tennessee…  $ 1,830
216 Galveston Bay and Texas Land Company, October 16, 1830  $ 2,196
217  G.W. & C.B. Colton & Co. Richardson's New Map of the State of Texas prepared for the Texas Almanac  $ 3,355
218 Karl Bodmer  Voyage dans l'Interieur de l'Amerique du Nord execute pendant les annees 1832, 1833 et 1834  Pass 
219 Karl Bodmer Landscape showing Deer  Pass 
220  Karl Bodmer Pehriska-Ruhpa, Tab. XVII  Pass 
221 J & D Major, c Falls at Rio Grande at El Paso, Flouring Mills of Simeon Hart Esq.  Pass 
222  William Merle Allison The Rustler  $ 427
223 McKenney & Hall Wa-Na-Ta, Chief of the Sioux  $ 250
224 McKenney & Hall Okee-Makee-Quid, a Chippewa Chief  $ 250
225 H & S Publishers Tony/ "'Another very much alive heroine' by the author of Yellow Soap"  Pass 
226 H & S Publishers The Cactus Kids Into the Saddle with Horton  Pass 
227 Giovanni Piranesi  Title Page from Vedute di Roma  Pass 
228 S & J Fuller Having with great persuasion gained the consent of your favorite lass to take an afternoon ride...'  $ 244
229 F. Sala & Co. Match at the Mississippi  Pass 
230 Currier & Ives American Field Sports / A chance for both barrels  Pass 
231 F.J. Weiss Life in the Woods, Hunter Camp  Pass 
232 Currier & Ives Pigeon Shooting / "Playing the Decoy"  Pass 
233 N. Currier American Country Life, Pleasures of Winter  Pass 
234 Currier & Ives Frozen Up  Pass 
235 Nathaniel Currier American Forest Scene, Maple Sugaring  Pass 
236 Currier & Ives, After F. F. Palmer Staten Island and the Narrows, from Fort Hamilton  Pass 
237 After Paul Leon Jazet La Vie D'un Gentilhomme En Toutes Saisons / Hiver  Pass 
238  Francis Smith Belton Panorama of St. Augustine Harbor  $ 8,540
239 Francis Swaine Attack on Fort Martinique…  Pass 
240 Richard Brydges Beechey View of Quebec  Pass 
241  Richard Brydges Beechey View of San Blas (Mexico)  Pass 
242 The French School (previously attributed to Horace Vernet) Bonaparte A L'Orangerie de Sant-Cloud  Pass 
243 Ottavio Mario Leoni Portrait of Frederico Colonna  Pass 
244 Jacques Etienne Victor Arago Un des officiers du roi de Guebe $ 5,490
245  English School, early 19th century Siccra Gully on the Ganges with the bungalow of the Collector of Bhagalpur  Pass 
246  Stanley Llewellyn Wood The Shadow of Green/No Trust Here  Pass 
247 Charles Huard An American Locomotive  Pass 
248  James E. McBurney The Summit Gothic, Colorado 1926  $ 488
249 Thomas Anshutz Study of the Sea and Sunset over the Coast  Pass 
250 James Edward Buttersworth A View of lower New York harbor with vessels approaching Castle William  Pass 
251 Oswald Wijnen An Elaborate Still Life of Fruit and Flowers  $ 3,125
252 Abraham Rademaker View Of Nijmegen, With Boatmen Loading Barges In The Foreground  Pass 
253  Rodolfo Ramos Hey Hey Hey  Pass 
254 Mario Grandi De Charle  Pass 
255  Axel Amuchastegui Untitled Still Life  Pass 
256 Axel Amuchastegui Study, Hawk  $ 2,745
257 Axel Amuchastegui  Patos Carolina  $ 1,098
258  Juan Caros Castagnino Paisano  Pass 
259  Reinaldo Giudici Playa du Mar del Plata  Pass 
260  Rodger McPhail Salmon  Pass 
261  Rodger McPhail Untitled  Pass 
262  Oscar Campos Grito del Aguila  Pass 
263 Marcos Borio Calle de Arribenos, BS.AS  Pass 
264 David Shepherd Elm and Ivy  $ 1,098
Auction Total $ 1,236,957